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Wheelock place, Singapore.

Wheelock place, Singapore.

All the Jeongwoo feels ahhhhh 😍

"Oh, the kiss wasn’t scripted, I didn’t know I was going to do it. I just thought, ‘I just missed my girlfriend’s valedictorian speech. How am I going to make it up to her?’ Then I was thinking, ‘I’m graduating. I don’t really give a fuck about this place, and fuck all of the people. So I’m going to go in and have fun. And embarrass her!’ Andrew Garfield


I want to be in Korea right now ;A;


140612 M Countdown Begins - Jeongmin

cr :  Mad About You,Baby


140607 Mini Fanmeeting - Jeongmin

cr : Super Hero

Exo for Ivy Club

I’m so happy to F I N A L L Y be able to name all of them. Can’t believe I’ve kinda watched them from debut and can only recognise all of them now

[TRANS] 131215 Boyfriend - Matanglawin (Part 4: Aegyo Cut)
Jessy: Can you show us your aegyo?

Boyfriend: Oh! Aegyo~~
Minwoo: Aing~ 
Hyunseong: I love you! ;)
Jeongmin: This is my aegyo if my girlfriend is mad at me.
Jeongmin: Peulease~ 
Boyfriend: *cringes*
Jeongmin: I love you. I love you too? (asks Jessy)
Jessy: I'll think about it ㅋㅋㅋ

Kwangmin: I will show you my hidden aegyo. Don't expect too much. Here it goes...
Kwangmin: Noona~ narang. Gatchi~ (???)
Youngmin: Aing! Aiiing~~~


i wish i could say “?????????” in real life it would be very useful

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All the xmas feels ~ ♥

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